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Meraki Innovations Limited and OBAT BD Forge Synergies for Social Impact

20-08-23 | Mirpur-1, Dhaka Bangladesh 

Meraki Innovations Limited proudly hosted Mr. Sk. Tanvir Ahmed, Director Strategy and Implementation of OBAT BD, at our office located in Grameen Telecom Bhaban, Mirpur -1.

The meeting marked a significant milestone in the collaborative journey between Meraki Innovations Limited and OBAT BD, a relationship that has thrived since the inception of our partnership with OBAT USA, who are now one of Meraki’s top clients. 

During the fruitful session, the entire Meraki team had the privilege of discussing collaborative strategies and exploring innovative marketing and project solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of OBAT Helpers.  From conceptualizing impactful campaigns to leveraging cutting-edge web development, the teams engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas aimed at amplifying OBAT BD’s mission and reach.Meraki team also had the privilege to get an insider’s insight of all that OBAT BD does for the marginalized communities in BD, from Mr. Tanvir and are grateful for that.

The meeting was attended by the entire Meraki Innovations team, which included the Managing Director and Chairperson, along with dedicated members from the marketing, design, and web development teams. The collaborative spirit that permeated the discussion emphasized Meraki’s commitment to providing holistic and effective digital solutions for OBAT BD.

Mr. Sk. Tanvir Ahmed, Director Strategy and Implementation of OBAT BD, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. This meeting has laid a strong foundation for our continued partnership. Meraki is dedicated to understanding OBAT BD’s goals and tailoring digital solutions that align seamlessly with the brand vision for sustainable social impact. 

Meraki Innovations Limited remains committed to driving positive change through digital innovation and is eager to contribute to the success of OBAT BD’s initiatives. As this partnership evolves, both organizations are poised to make a lasting impact on the community and bring about meaningful change.

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