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Unleashing Business Potential Through Creative Digital Strategies. Your Growth Story, Crafted with Innovation and Expertise.

Who are we

We are a digital marketing solution agency that aims to be a one stop shop for all of your digital needs, that will help your business grow.

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We provide digital marketing services dedicated to helping your brand thrive in the digital landscape. We are a team of passionate professionals with a diverse set of expertise, committed to delivering exceptional results at the cost effective prices in the industry.

At Meraki Innovations, we understand that every project is unique, which is why we customize our services to meet your specific needs.


Whether you’re a startup or an individual looking to establish their online presence or a small business looking to improve their digital marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission

At Meraki Innovations, our mission is to supercharge businesses by providing exceptional digital marketing solutions. With a passionate team of experts, we customize our services to meet unique project needs, catering to startups seeking a strong online presence and established brands aiming to elevate their digital strategies. We employ cutting-edge tools and data-driven marketing strategies to drive optimized targeted traffic, generate leads and revenue all while fostering transparent communication and building lasting client relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision at Meraki Innovations is to be the forefront digital marketing agency that empowers brands to thrive in the digital landscape. We envision a future where businesses, regardless of their size, can harness the power of our expertise in web development, SEO, social media management, innovative content marketing, and more. Through unwavering commitment to excellence and transparent collaboration, we aspire to be the catalysts of success for every client, unlocking their brand’s full potential in the digital world.


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What our Clients Say

Our commitment resides in delivering optimal solutions  tailored to our clients’ requisites.

We take pride in showcasing what they have to say about their experience with Meraki  

Nahid Akhter  linkedin_profile

Managing Director & Co-Founder

I’m the Tech enthusiast driving the company’s digital gears. From coding possibilities to steering digital landscapes, I’m here to weave innovation into every aspect of your business with a touch of Tech magic.

Nazmun Nahar 

Managing Director & Co-Founder

I strive to be the visionary who weaves creativity and enchantment into every venture. I’m here to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, infusing each project with a touch of wonder

Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are a team of diverse experts with one common goal; to reshape the digital paradigm by providing top-notch solutions for our clients’ digital needs.

We are a team of diverse experts with one common goal, to reshape the digital paradigm by providing top-notch solutions for our clients’ digital needs.


Our team of experts specialize in a wide range of digital marketing solutions, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, social media management, content marketing, content writing, virtual assistance and more. We use the latest tools, camping techniques and products to engage targeted traffic, generate leads, and maximize conversion for your business.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We take the time to understand your goals, analyze your competition, and develop customized strategies thatdeliver measurable results. Our results driven approach ensures that every marketing dollar you invest with us is optimized for success.

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Life At Meraki

One can only deliver the best work output if they love what they do. Hence at Meraki, we are dedicated to fostering continuous motivation and a positive work environment within our team, thereby cultivating a harmonious confluence of productivity and fulfillment in the workplace.

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